Project Estimation: XI to Eye

xitoeyeEstimation. Every project does it. Most projects dread it. In this short video, we’ll explain why estimating complexity is easier and more manageable than estimating time, and why points are actually a more concrete measure than hours.

For many web projects, a good estimation process is quick and simple: Time spent estimating is not time spent building. Time spent watching an XI to Eye video, on the other hand, is time well spent, indeed.

If you like this, I estimate that you might enjoy the e-book Master Space and Time with JavaScript.

Noel Rappin

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  1. Dave Giunta says:

    Well done, Noel. I love the estimate which box is bigger analogy. Totally made the argument of points over hours estimation in a way that was clear and that I hadn’t heard before.

    Keep these screencasts up! They’re great.

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