Writing Readable Code: XI to Eye

xitoeyeAs web developers, we read code all day. Many of us have used style guides to govern how we structure our code. In this video, I talk about what guides the style guides — basic principles about what makes code readable and why readable code is easier to work with.

You want your code to be expressive, consistent, logically structured, uniform, and manageable. Also, remember the D.A. rule. Want to know what that means? Watch the video.

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  1. Dan Rench Dan Rench says:

    I really like the aesthetics of lining up equals signs but I’m beginning to turn against it. If I’m just adding 1 new variable in a commit, bringing whitespace-only changes along can lead to some misleading version history.

    On line length, another factor to consider is if you want your code to be readable on Github. Their code display layout makes it pretty clear they don’t want you to stray too far beyond 100 characters.

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